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Stress isn’t all bad. Our mission at Whitham Jones is to challenge understanding and perceptions of stress. We will help you identify the signs of dis-stress and show you how to manage it with enhancing emotional intelligence (EQ), resilience, brain health and mental fitness.

Explore wellbeing, stress and mental health with Whitham Jones to

  • Create a happier, more productive workforce
  • Hold on to the staff you care about
  • Grow a positive corporate culture


The Whitham Jones Wellbeing Profile (WJWP)

The WJWP tool uses our 11 foundations of wellbeing and resilience to compile your personalised assessment. Your team’s responses to the profile questions identify your organisation’s strengths and gaps, so you can pinpoint training needs, measure the impact of your investment and track change over time.

Reduce Stress and Absenteeism

Stress affects individuals and organisations – you just need to understand how to use it...

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Enhance Productivity

Happier people make happier, more productive teams – invest in wellbeing to invest in your future …

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Improve Mental Fitness

A growth mindset and mental resilience promote motivation and productivity – mind and brain health contributes to a positive corporate culture …

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Why invest in Stress Management Consultants?

According to The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), stress, acute medical conditions and mental ill-health are the most common causes of long-term absence, with the average UK employee taking 6.3 days off sick from the effects of overwhelm and burnout.  

Of the 26.8 million working days lost to ill health last year a staggering 57% - 15.4 million days – were due to stress, depression or anxiety.

The annual cost to employers of new cases of stress, depression or anxiety alone is estimated at £1.71bn. (Source: hse.gov.uk)

Working with stress management experts to look after your wellbeing makes you more resilient to the effects of stress and will reduce absenteeism. Instead, you will enhance productivity and drive profitability.


Reduce stress in your workplace

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