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Delivering Resilience in Schools

School is equal parts rewarding and challenging, but demands on teachers and staff continue to increase. The education sector has higher than average rates of depression, anxiety and stress amongst staff – and that comes at a price.

Staff absence in schools costs approximately £797 per employee for primary schools and £1328 per employee for secondary schools (based on working days lost at approximately 7.4 according to CiPD Absence Management Survey 2016).

In reality, this figure is much higher because it considers only the salaries of employees on sick leave and ignores the cost of temporary supply cover, overheads and indirect costs associated with reduced effectiveness of supply cover on student progress. Neither does it take into account the supervision of a replacement, team morale and the impact on standards. Costs escalate and standards slump.

At Whitham Jones, we understand the impact staff absence has on colleagues and students, and we believe we can reduce that impact. Our whole-school approach to education and emotional wellbeing includes training, assessment, intervention and support to ensure that not only do your staff thrive, but your students also.

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