A nationally approved approach to managing stress

Why work with Whitham Jones?

Lead by two experienced clinicians, Whitham Jones guides people through stress and mental-health challenges to help develop a more effective, productive workplace. We promote resilience and wellbeing to protect against stress and its effects. Our approach is now supported at the highest level in the UK as documented in the Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s ‘Prevention is better than cure’ vision published 5 November 2018.


How is Whitham Jones different to other stress management consultants?

We focus on understanding, reducing and managing stress. Our founders are highly trained, licensed, regulated and insured practitioners who still work clinically. This means that academic literature, latest research and psychological theories drive all training.

Our duty of care is paramount, so we maintain professional boundaries. Our ethos is to provide you with access to evidence-based information, tools and strategies that you can use daily to deal with stress.

How can Whitham Jones help my organisation?

We ensure your team members get a thorough understanding of how stress occurs, how to spot the signs and symptoms of stress and how to manage stress when it arrives. We arm them with wellbeing techniques that will lead to enhanced productivity and increased profitability for your organisation as a result of less absence from work.

Can Whitham Jones guarantee this will work?

We understand you want value for money. Your team is your biggest investment and is essential to drive business growth. But we cannot guarantee throwing money at a problem will fix systemic problems.

We expect everyone to take responsibility for their own health, resilience and wellbeing. We will provide your team with up-to-date, practical information, guidance and advice, all rooted in research – it is their choice to use it.

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