From a lunchtime talk to a bespoke programme - we have a service for you.


Whitham Jones Wellbeing Profile (WJWP)

Developed inhouse, the WJWP tool uses our 11 foundations of wellbeing and resilience to compile your corporate report. With data collated from staff responses, it pinpoints your training needs, so we can tailor and track your wellbeing and resilience programme.


In house Mental Health Toolkit

A comprehensive two-day workshop for managers, team leaders and mental-health champions to develop basic skills to promote corporate mind health and self-care using our 11 foundations of wellbeing. Also available as a bite-sized package.


Bite-sized Wellbeing

Designed for larger teams as part of a training day or when time is limited, we have condensed our comprehensive training to provide the essentials to mental health and wellbeing.


Bite-sized Online

Short videos that open the wellbeing conversation in large teams and promote awareness of the symptoms of dis-stress. These videos explore ways to implement change and coping strategies in your teams.

Bespoke Workplace Programme

This service we tailor entirely to your organisation and base on robust values and community. Driven by your positive corporate values, it shows a genuine commitment to reducing stress and improving staff wellbeing in the long term. We will consult, train, assess and support you in person and online throughout the process to help you develop strategic change with a solid foundation.

If you genuinely want to invest in your people and create a resilient business, we are with you every step of the way.


"It was a great day, I’ve learned so much.  The knowledge shared was provided in a very understandable format"

"The training was detailed, relevant, informative, varied and was linked to theory".

“The presenters we very engaging and personable, I felt it was the whole package”.

“The trainers were approachable and funny with a clear delivery.”

“Engaging and interactive, very inspirational!”

“The training was very informative and it was nice to see the theory as well as doing practical scenarios.  Very nice presenters, lovely manner and passionate about their specialism.”

“Challenging and stimulating, engaging and useful."

“The information provided seemed really applicable and hopeful.  The theoretical info was fascinating, especially the neuroscience and how to use this.”

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